Miscellaneous Information

This site is built on a Windoze XP machine using a MySQL database and PHP scripts. Using this method I am able to keep maintenance of the site down as all that is needed to add images is to enter the information into the database and upload the images. All my PHP code is freely available but the galleries display arrangement is copyright of - although I use a PHP script to generate the list of images used within their code. This way I actually only have one gallery page on the entire site.

This is a PHP script I wrote that takes a field headed CSV file and creates a basic MySQL database from it. You have to have PHP and MySQL running on your web server of course. It will also INSERT or UPDATE into an existing database. The code is heavily commented and FreeWare. I hope it's useful to others.
This script will examine a MySQL database and create a file full of statements to execute on an identically structured database. This will bring the target database into syncronization with the source. It does NOT sync any changes to the database structure. Heavily commented and FreeWare.
Another PHP script. This one will search a MySQL database for multiple keywords. Again it is heavily commented and FreeWare.
Below are some PDF instructions I made when working on my car, a 2002 BMW 3 Series Compact. Someone might find the info useful.
Passenger door trim & lock removal Rev1.0
Rear bumper & sensors Rev 1.0
TV unit removing Rev1.0

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