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26/04/2019 The rebuild of the site is under way and has a long way to go.  Please return later.
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Welcome to imagefair.co.uk

This site has just begun a complete new rebuild.  It will be a responsive design using Bootstrap 4, PHP and MySQL.  It will be quite sometime before the work is completed, but some of the simpler content should be back soon.

This site is dedicated to images of all kinds.  Although most images are my photographs of landscapes and architecture from around the U.K. there are also paintings by Ron Osborn, the odd quirky image that I think the viewer may find interesting and a montage or two.

Some images have a short description below it.  Some of these just state the obvious, but others give a little more information on the subject and may also include an external link where you can find additional information.

There is also a section called Miscellaneous.  In here I've dumped all the stuff that has nothing to do with images but which may be useful to people. You'll find free PHP scripts and also some information of car disassembly!

So browse the galleries and enjoy.  If you like one or two images and think that’s just what you need for your wall or publication, then I’d be delighted to sell you a copy. Please see the 'About' link for sample charges and use the 'Feedback' link for your request.  And please don't forget to read the all-important 'Terms' link.