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The sites’ images are divided into two broad groups in a table on the Galleries page. The idea of the groups is to help people interested in attractive images from having to wade through dozens of images that are never likely to appeal to them.  The first group are of an aesthetic or artistic nature, are interesting or merely quirky. i.e. they are nice pictures to look at. The second group is basically everything else. In here are images that are purely record shots of events, places, vehicles, or are informative in some way. They may well have no artistic value in themselves but may be of use to people, or publications, interested in particular events or buildings etc.  Think of the images here as being my archive. You can of course click the 'All' link in the Galleries table to see all the pictures of that particular gallery.

Some of the images may find their way into one group rather than another in order to keep them together as a collection.  If you’re looking for something specific then of course use the search faciltiy. Here you can build your own gallery to your requirements.

Not every image makes it to the site as I may consider them to be too similar to images already here. If you are after something that is not here, but you think I may have what you want then please ask. For example I have five 'Penzance Dry Dock' shots in the gallery numbered 3, 6, 7, 8 and 10, so I may well have the intermediate images if the ones on show aren't suitable for you.

I hope to keep the quality of the images up to a high level but the rarer an image is the greater the latitude I’ll give it.  My current camera is a Nikon D7100.  Other camers I've used are a Nikon D90, Canon S110 and a Konica Minolta A2.   So my native image sizes currently range from 8MP to 24MP, although images are often cropped down from the full sensor size.

The images displayed on the imagefair site have usually had some sharpening applied in addition to any cropping.  Should you wish to purchase an image in digital form it can often be supplied in a cleaner form.  i.e. without cropping or sharpening.   They have also not been resampled (interpolation) to produce bigger images.  These should be done by the picture editor, as he is best placed to make decisions based on the ultimate size and proportions he needs.   Also it is generally recognised that resampling is best done before sharpening.

Images may have been tidied; litter removed, along with telephone lines and poles etc and most often TV aerials and be otherwise manipulated to produce a more pleasing effect and so cannot be relied on to provide an accurate rendition of a particular scene.   Un-manipulated images are usually still available and can usually be supplied if required.

I can send the image either by Dropbox or CD.  I am currently no longer offering prints.  Please use the feedback link for your request and don't forget to read the all-important Terms link.

Sample charges for digital format use: 
Half page book publication in a single country£50.00
Half page book publication in Europe (inc. U.K.)£75.00
Half page book publication Worldwide£100.00
Half page brochure or leaflet ( < 10,000 copies)£40.00
Half page brochure or leaflet ( 10-100,000 copies)£80.00
Half page brochure or leaflet ( > 100,000 copies)£120.00

Other charges are available on request.  Payment can be made by PayPal or cheque.  Sample charges shown are for Rights Protected.  Rights to use the images on an Exclusive Rights Protected basis are also available.  Full copyright remains with the holder.  Copyright can usually be purchased subject to negotiation.  This site is not registered as a business and is not therefore registered for VAT.

Some of my images have been uploaded to my account at  If you prefer to purchase my images from them, then please visit my gallery at   But please note, you will only find a limited selection of my images there.